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For those interested...

2011-06-15 01:24:18 by XXMisterFiyahXX

I got a SoundCloud!

Live By The Code up on Youtube/DJFire on Facebook

2011-03-07 15:43:36 by XXMisterFiyahXX

DJFire- Live By The Code

Here's the full version for anyone interested! Also, come and find me on Facebook!


Been a while, guys! Here's what happened.

My hard drive was wiped clean and I lost everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. My entire studio was wiped off of my computer. So I have to start from square one again.

But, that ain't gonna stop me from making music.

I'll be back with some more songs in a couple of weeks, guys. I ain't dead yet!


FL 8!!!

2009-08-22 12:00:28 by XXMisterFiyahXX

DJF_2.0: UPGRADED to Fruity Loops 8!! Heck yes!

Here's a list of songs I hope to complete by the end of this year.

-Who We Are
-Hooligan (DJF! Remix)
-Innocence Lost
-Halfway There (DJF! Remix) ((This is from Project One, if ya didn't know.))

Much more to come!

This is a test...

2009-07-16 17:08:16 by XXMisterFiyahXX

---....I'm still alive.

Coming with songs soon.


Alright, so here's some songs you can expect to come from me sometime in the near future!

-About Our Music
-Nowhere To Run
-In the End Remix (Seriously need to touch up on that one.)
-A Perfect World
-Hooligan (Remix)
-Age of Technology
-Who We Are

And a couple of surprises here and there! Stay tuned!

On Youtube!

2008-12-15 19:45:18 by XXMisterFiyahXX

Check it out!